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      HSX for Hot Water Temperature Maintenance

      Self-Regulating Heating Cable

      HSX heating cables are specifically designed to maintain hot water supply piping at desired nominal maintenance temperatures. HSX heating cables provide hot water instantly at the point of use with major savings in installed costs.

      Easy to Design . . .
      A WarmTrace system replaces the complex recirculation network of return pipes, circulating pumps and balancing valves. For each hot water supply line, simply match the hot water maintenance temperature with the corresponding color-coded cable and insulate, see the selection guide.

      HSX self-regulating cable automatically maintains desired water temperatures. Changes in pipe diameters, flow rates and use patterns will not affect the design. Even variations in ambient or water temperature are compensated for as the cable adjusts its heat output along the entire length of a heat traced pipe.

      Contact Thermon for details regarding heat tracing systems for legionella prevention.

      Economical to Operate and Maintain . . .
      A WarmTrace system replaces recirculation piping, it also eliminates the costs of continuously operating pumps, deliberately overheating the water and maintaining the recirculation system. Potential water savings can also be realized since the heat tracing can be installed up to the point of use; i.e., no waiting for hot water.

      Operating Voltage: 230 VAC

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